Buying Smart

Sometimes finding a bargain is not a bargain at all.
Are you planning your purchase from the cheapest guy on the Internet?
Please don't! Even if you decide not to purchase from our website please read on...
We make a concerted effort to give you the best service at the lowest price available. In other words, our prices are among the lowest on the Internet. If your goal is to do some comparative shopping, please consider our top 5 recommendations:
1 - Purchase your dress from an authorized retailer. 
* It is very easy to check for authorized retailers. Go to manufacturer's website (Dessy, Mori Lee, Allure, etc.). Find the button that directs you to their authorized retailers. It will usually be written as "FIND A STORE" or "WHERE TO BUY”.
* Search us by placing the State (Florida) and the zip code (33426) or your own state and zip code.
* If you can't find the website with the cheapest price on the manufacturer's website then you are buying a fake.
2 - Buy from websites that have an actual “Brick and Mortar” physical location. 
* Our store is in Boynton Beach, Florida in the same town for 30 years.
* If the cheapest guys are strictly Internet retailers, please beware and follow our next suggestions...
3 - Look for what other people are saying about the retailer. 
* How many reviews? How often? Please remember that genuine reviews come from the heart. Reviews that start with "This place is awesome" or "the best store ever" could be OK from time to time but usually they are disingenuous and placed  by the owner of the website.
* Genuine reviews are steady and are spread out over an even time period. Fantastic reviews, on the other hand, are usually posted over a very short time period. Any legitimate business will have good and bad reviews. Obviously the number of good review should be much greater than bad ones.  
4- If the price of a designer dress does not fall within the price range of all other stores and it is much cheaper it is a Chinese cheap duplicate.
* There expression "If It Is Too Good To Be True" applies in this case. 
5 - Beware of hyperbole on the Internet. 
* We want all our customers to know that we are still a good, old fashioned, small, family-run business. We employ local people who have been with us for a long time.
And we know fashion. We come from a generation of clothing retailers. 
Our goal is to remain a small, customer service oriented retailer. We don't need to make a ton of money. We rather give the very best service at the very best price.